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Assistance for Ocean County Municipalities

The designated representative of each municipality will be provided with appropriate GIS mapping of their municipality including: the State Plan Map, designated sewer service areas, existing land use, designated farmland and open space preservation areas, NJDEP environmental mapping, transportation facilities and other appropriate maps. The Planning staff will generate and revise mapping as needed.

The consultant and the planning staff will meet with each municipal representative to review the maps in relation to local zoning and ordinances. Information on existing and projected housing units, commercial and industrial development, land preservation, water and sewer extensions and developable land will be discussed. Wherever necessary, the consultant will generate the necessary information for the municipality and provide assistance to the municipality in analyzing the data and relating it the Preliminary Plan and its associated mapping.

A discussion of Plan Endorsement, existing designated centers and the NJDEP Coastal Centers will be included in these meeting where appropriate. The municipal meetings will not be advertised or open to the public. However, the results of the meetings, including municipal recommendations and objections concerning the State Plan, will be published in the Cross-Acceptance Report, which will be made available to all interested parties and discussed at the required public meetings and negotiation sessions.

2004 Preliminary
NJ State Plan (PDF)

View NJ State Plan Policy Maps and GIS Data


Draft Ocean County Cross-Acceptance Report


When the preliminary plan is released in April, the plan will be reviewed by the planning staff and the consultant and forwarded to the municipalities. A work program for the project will be developed and forwarded to the Office of State Planning within 45 days of the release of the Preliminary Plan.

The Ocean County Planning Board will as the negotiating entity for Cross-Acceptance, as endorsed by the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders. The Planning staff will work with the Office of Smart Growth to host the required informational meetings at the Ocean County Administration Building. The results of the meetings with the municipalities and the information generated by the comparison of local plans and ordinances with the Preliminary Plan will be compiled into the Draft Ocean County Cross-Acceptance Report.

This report will include a list the issues raised by the municipalities that require negotiation. The Cross-Acceptance Report will be printed and forwarded to the municipalities, the Office of Smart Growth and interested parties for their review by October 21, 2004. A public hearing will be held following the release of the Draft Report to receive comments from the public.

The County Planning staff will negotiate the issues raised in the report on behalf of the municipalities at public negotiating sessions with State's negotiating committee. Following completion of the negotiations, a statement of agreements and disagreements will be added to the Cross-Acceptance Report. This final report will be printed and forwarded to the state, the municipalities and other interested parties.

Public Information Program

Dissemination of Information
  • Establish a mailing list of interested parties, updated as necessary throughout Cross-Acceptance Process.
  • Press releases concerning Cross-Acceptance forwarded to local media including newspapers, radio and TV.
  • Information, activities and updates on Cross-Acceptance will appear on the Ocean County Department of Planning Web Site.
  • Copies of all documents and notices to Ocean County Library and Ocean County College Library

Public Participation Opportunities

  • Cross-Acceptance will be a regular agenda item at the monthly meetings of the Ocean County Planning Board, where the public will be given an opportunity to comment and participate in the planning process.
  • Offer to meet with all interested parties to discuss their specific areas of concern on an "as needed" basis. This offer will be made at the first public information meeting and will be published in the County's Web Site and the Planning Department website:
  • Provide a central location for the receipt of written comments. All comments are to be forwarded to Pieter Waldenmaier, Principal Planner, Ocean County Department of Planning, PO Box 2191, Toms River, NJ 08754-2191
  • Hold a public hearing on the Draft Cross-Acceptance Report and include responses to all comments in the Final Cross-Acceptance Report.

For all comments and more information:

Contact Stacy Perrine, Planner Trainee

Ocean County Planning Board
129 Hooper Ave.
PO Box 2191
Toms River, NJ 08754-2191


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(732) 929-2054
(732) 244-8396
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