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The Office of Smart Growth has released additional Cross Acceptance GIS maps and coverages to be incorporated and negotiated into the Preliminary Plan Maps in early 2007. For more information...

Cross Acceptance Process

On April 28, 2004, the New Jersey State Planning Commission approved the release of the Preliminary State Development and Redevelopment Plan (State Plan) and the Preliminary State Plan Policy Map. This action launched the third round of Cross-acceptance.

NJ State Plan (PDF)

View NJ State Plan Policy Maps and GIS Data

The process of Cross-acceptance is intended to encourage consistency between regional, local and state plans and ensure that all New Jersey residents and levels of government have the opportunity to participate and shape the goals, strategies and policies of the State Plan.

Ocean County Department of Planning will be serving as the primary negotiating entity to work with its local governments as they compare their local master plans with the State Plan and to identify potential changes that could be made to achieve a greater level of consistency with statewide planning policy.
    Cross-acceptance concludes with written Statements of Agreements and Disagreements supported by each negotiating entity and the State Planning Commission. The State Planning Commission will incorporate the negotiated agreements into the Draft Final State Plan.

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