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The restoration of passenger rail is critically needed in the Ocean-Monmouth region, one of the fastest growing regions of the State, to provide a convenient, reliable travel choice for commuters, visitors and transit dependent residents.

The first part of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) study, which included the three (3) public scoping meetings and public comment period, has been concluded as of January 31, 2003. Meetings were held in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties.

There were over 1500 comments from these meetings with an overall attendance of 600 people. Some people commented more than once and petitions were counted as a single comment; so, these conclusions are not scientifically significant but an informal information indicator only.  Significant, however is the point that 41% supported the MOM alignment via South Brunswick, and 7% opposed the South Brunswick route.  Others supported other routes or were agreeable to any of the three alternate routes under study.  The study also has a fourth alternative: a no-built Alternative, a standard requirement of any DEIS.

NJ Transit Monmouth-Ocean -Middlesex Project Update

NJ Transit and its consultant, SYSTRA, will now conduct technical studies, compile research findings, and meet with citizen groups and the technical and professional staffs of the directly affected municipalities. A Community Liaison Committee (CLC) has been developed to foster communication between municipalities in the MOM primary study area and the project team. Open houses and workshops will be held to reach a wide range of potentially affected parties with information on the project.

Summary of CLC Meeting 03-27-03 (MODC)

Station area planning sessions will be held for selected candidate station areas identified in the short-listed alternatives.
An agency coordination process will be implemented to facilitate the dissemination of information about the study to federal, state, regional and local agencies. Agencies will be involved throughout the project, principally through a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).
The DEIS is on schedule to be completed in 2004. At that time, federal funding will be sought and public support will again be needed to carry the project to the next stage.

The MOM passenger rail line is listed in the federal transportation legislation, TEA-21, as a high priority project and as an integral part of the Urban Core Program.

This project has been included as one of the top transit projects in the state.
State transportation legislation has been passed into law to include the MOM Passenger Rail Line as one of the "Circle of Mobility" expedited transportation projects.
More detailed information is available on the NJ TRANSIT M-O-M website.

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