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As one of the fastest growing areas in the state, there is a need to address increasing congestion and delays on area roadways.

Travel time for trips within the region is steadily increasing.

Demand for travel to northern New Jersey, New York City and other regional employment centers will expand dramatically within the next two decades.

Growing transit- dependent populations need access to jobs, schools, airports as well as medical, cultural and recreational facilities.

Expands the available labor force for employers.
Links the region to major job markets in new Jersey, Philadelphia and New York.
Past studies consistently indicate that property values near rail stations show greater rates of appreciation than those farther away or without passenger rail service.
Attracts higher-income households to the region.
Results in commercial benefits such as higher retail sales and increases in white-collar employment.
The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that each $45 million spent on the construction of a rail station and the maintenance of track boosts the local and national economy by $98 million.
Attracts major corporations to this region.
Shifts auto and bus commuters from crowded highways to reduce overall commuting times.
Increases property values by about $1,000 for every one minute reduction of automobile commuting time.
Encourages Smart Growth by the development of well planned, mixed-use, "transit villages" around rail stations resulting in more open space preserved.
Assists in revitalizing older "Main Street" communities and Urban Enterprise Zones along the route.
Improves air quality through emission reduction.
Reduces commuting time while providing a stress-free trip to work.
Maintains the excellent quality of life for residents of the region.
More detailed information is available on the NJ TRANSIT M-O-M website.

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