Ocean County Airport
Berkeley Township, New Jersey
Airport Facilities

We offer many functional and convenient amenities to the flying public through the various facilities at Ocean County Airport! View Airport Parking & Storage ▼

Airport Facilities  
Conference RoomTerminal Lobby and Amenities
The spacious and comfortable lobby located on the first floor of the terminal building offers HDTV, a gift shop, food and beverage vending, and other amenities.
Conference RoomConference Facilities
The terminal building offers 3 separate conference rooms that can accommodate between 5 and 15 people each. We can also make common areas available on the second floor for larger gatherings upon request.
Pilot LoungePilot Lounge
A pilot lounge complete with leather recliners and cable television is available upon request. Contact Ocean Aire. for details and accessibility.
The terminal building was constructed with the most current and up-to-date technologies available. We incorporated many “green” elements into the construction, including thermal window shades, waterless toilets, solar tube lighting, paperless hand dryers, energy efficient insulation, climate controlled HVAC, and many more.
TechnologyPilot Information & Weather Center
Free internet access and weather information is available through the Weather Center on the first floor.

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Airport Parking & Storage  
Ocean Aire manages tie-down facilities for long term aircraft parking.  "In transit" aircraft parking is also available. Contact the FBO to make arrangements.
The County owns and operates three T-hangar buildings with a capacity of 37 private aircraft. There is currently a waiting list. Contact the Ocean County Planning Department for details.
Maintenance HangarsMaintenance Hangars
Ocean Aire currently operates three Maintenance Hangars for servicing and storing aircraft, ranging in size from over 4,000 square feet to over 15,000 square feet.

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